reverse resentment & rekindle connection

Without needing anyone else to change

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this is for you if...

A. You’re doing OK, but still Craving a Course Correction

Maybe things about your life and relationship have been good but your heart is not as open as you’d like. There are ways you feel out of sync with yourself and the others in your most reactive relationships—a little abandoned or alienated, having grown in different directions—or maybe annoyed, unsupported, or even bored or unmotivated! You’re moving in a direction that is more aligned with who you are—You're already working on getting YOU back & deepening self and soul connection—but that makes the gap seem even wider.

B. You’re STUCK, Sad, Stressed, and Stymied

If this is you, you are seriously unhappy with certain aspects of your life, marriage, or other important relationship—often feeling like you don’t even know who you are anymore. Many aspects of your current situation feel hard or cumbersome and interactions may be distant, critical, downright unsupportive, or argumentative. You may have worked hard on fixing things in counseling or other ways, and you’re tired of putting in so much energy with so little return. You really don’t want to leave or give up, but you don’t know how to make it work with things the way they are. You keep losing yourself or agreeing to things you don't really want. You need to get YOU back with a whole new perspective and an action plan for rekindling connection by recovering from all the conflict and codependence.

C. You're Dreaming of being DONE

You’re suffering a lot and it feels like leaving the marriage, relationship, friendship, workplace--or even this life--is the only way out. There may be things you just can’t seem to forgive, unsolved issues, or ways you’ve been hurt or are not being heard, seen, and supported by others or with your own mind inner critic and forecaster of doom and gloom that seem impossible to get past. Maybe you’re even separated/estranged—within your own home or in different locations. You may feel that, in trying to make it work with the person you married or that grown child or that job, you also lost yourself along the way. You don’t know how to GET YOU BACK while still staying in the relationship.

In this course....

what you'll learn in this GYB Course

You're about to discover how to turn around the painful parts of your relationships and start moving into a life you truly love. It's possible to use whatever upsets you as a path to peace and connection—whether or not your partner changes.

You will discover:

How to re-write the script from self-sabotage to deep-self love

How to invest in your innocence to return the gift of freedom to yourself

How to SEE the healing Symmetry in the fears that create regret, resentment, and separation from those closest to you.

ready to ENJOY getting YOU back,
so you feel safe, seen, and supported, NO MATTER WHAT, in your relationships & your life?

I'm so ready!

See what Shawn's students have to say:

*Some names have been changed to preserve privacy.

Marriage is getting Better & Better

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"WOW. I'm getting to know the guy I married again! I really feel "hit over the head" by this realization—that I've been doing to myself what I thought he and others have been doing to me. As I'm finally giving myself what I need, our marriage just keeps getting better."

BARBARA, Therapist

I Don't Need Others to Change Anymore

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The course helped me ease pain in my body, be able to attach with my adoptive son (FINALLY!), and I could feel Shawn's love coming through the videos. I was even able to stop needing my husband to change. I feel powerful to improve my own happiness! I'm thrilled!

LINDA, Adoptive Mom

Investing in My Happiness

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The “stuck” aspects of my inner life (my family life, my work, my physical pain) have all improved SO MUCH with my investment in my own happiness, through Shawn’s helpful practical structures, phenomenal coaching, and warm, accessible support."

AMY, Business Analyst

i want to know how to turn around and come home to me

"NO MATTER whether you are A, B, or C above....

This is for you if...

You know deep inside that you can't keep making choices that take you further and further from you & a life that fits and feeds you.

I knew that too, but even after years of inner work, I didn't know how to get ME back, and finally my life crashed... I lost my health, my big career, and my marriage in the space of 9 months.

I didn't know this simple, predictable, fun, restorative, self-sustaining path back to me.

I do now, and I love to share it."

Shawn Mahshie

no matter what, I want you to know:

When you move into Self-Solidarity (the HOW of standing with, by, and for the YOU that you criticized, compromised, or lost along the way),

you begin to rewrite the script from self-sabotage into deep unshakable self-love, so you can

meet shawn

Shawn Mahshie is an internationally published author, retreat leader, spiritual mentor, and Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, who has been called “a Master Coach of Master Coaches.”  With a mission to end self-hatred, her warm, supportive, and deeply insightful retreats, courses, and multi-level mastermind groups turn regret, resentment, and self-sabotage into radical self-compassion, clarity, & unconditional thriving. A pioneer work in the field of Self-Solidarity, Shawn is the creator of The Wheel of Self-Love and other practical tools for compassionate self-evolution that yield a fearless win-win way of life fueled by self-love and service.

a direct path to peace

Feeling this course may be right for you, but not sure?

Want a little more time "getting to know" Shawn first? Or to learn more about the results you can expect... and the R.I.S.E. Method you'll use to get there.

Enjoy this 1-hour Get YOU Back Mini-Masterclass + 15 min of Intro/Q & A:

Course Features of this Path Back to YOU:

This 6-Week Course includes four content modules and two weeks of group coaching/Q&A/Optional Partner Work:

The Mindset Reset

RE-WRITE the Script from Self-Sabotage to Self-Love

MODULE 2: Become your own Hero

INVEST in Your Innocence to Return the Gift of Freedom to Yourself


SEE the healing Symmetry in the fears that create conflict, regret, resentment, self-doubt, and insecurity

The Self-Solidarity Solution

ENJOY getting yourself back, moving into self-solidarity, and creating win-win solutions

And, to support and connect you along the way, and deliver the life-changing system, you'll also get:



Two LIVE Group Q&A Calls with pre-submitted questions to Shawn during the course + monthly for one full year!



24-7 space to post assignments, get support camaraderie, & priceless responses from Shawn



Learn Shawn's proprietary system and simple practical models from the master herself, and practice with others



if you've done the work and don't get significant shifts in perspective in 30 days, I will personally support you or refund

Plus, these amazing bonuses!

While we give you everything you need in the course to begin your journey back to you, these extra areas of community, support, content, and enhanced opportunity are woth more than the price of the course itself!


TWO Tickets to Shawn's Thrive-this-Time LIVE 3-day Event.

You'll get all the videos that comprise our NEW Stressful Relationship Solutions course to supplement and deepend your understanding of what to do when you so clearly feel you NEED someone to say or do or be something different in order for you to feel safe, seen, supported, and happy. These videos walk you through The Work of Byron Katie on a need statement, coming at it two different ways with different participants and sutiations so you start to make it your own.


Spark of Self-Love Book & Shawn's Personalized Responses

·Finally know what to do with "regret hell," guilt, self-criticism, and the indecision they spawn. This book is LIFE-CHANGING in helping you Get YOU Back by understanging 3 simple stesps to Self-Solidairty. You will learn how to: Find Your Innocence and Self-Forgiveness. Transform regret, into unshakable self-support & advocacy. ·  Overcome the Fears that make you turn on yourself. Stand with, by, & for your dear self, no matter what. ·  Stop Waiting for Others to Validate You. Trust your decisions. Honor your own vision. Be your own hero and create a life that fits and supports you.nd take-aways


Stressful Relationship Solutions

You'll get all the videos that comprise our NEW Stressful Relationship Solutions course to supplement and deepend your understanding of what to do when you so clearly feel you NEED someone to say or do or be something different in order for you to feel safe, seen, supported, and happy. These videos walk you through The Work of Byron Katie on a need statement, coming at it two different ways with different participants and sutiations so you start to make it your own.


Membership in the Self-Solidarity Circle; includes Deep Dive Day +++

Self-Solidarity Circle community keeps you on the cutting edge of your own work, gives you more tools and support when you’re stuck, with the ability to have your membership extended based on your level of activity. This BONUS  Includes Free Access to ONE DEEP DIVE DAY and as well as ongoing tips, innovative posts, and support with applying The Work, The Symmetry Principle, and The Wheel of Self-Love in their relationships 

I am so grateful that I have become teachable at last…. No path is set in stone, the important thing is that the paths exist, and I was able to pull myself out of that deep hole. This work, these women, and Shawn have wrought miracles. Love to all.


Let's Add Up All the Pieces:

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"I’ve finally begun to see that I don’t need things to be different than they are. I now see that I need life to be exactly as it is, now that I let my intense reactions wake me up to the thinking that was the real source of my pain. I am finally getting free of some very old patterns.


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