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Self-Aligned Action


A Comprehensive Self-Evolution Solution

Our Signature Program is BACK! Better than EVER since it mentors and supports you through All 4 Stages of Self-Metamorphosis!

This is My Year

Nothing you have done or tried will give you the kind of reliable relief using whatever upsets or scares you to free your mind, live your bliss, and move into the states of Self-Solidarity & Un*Conditional Thriving...No Matter What.

With the Self-Solidarity Systems you learn in this fun, transformative deep dive into SELF & LIFE, you will finally Get YOU Back, so you can:

Feel safe, seen, and supported without needing your partner or your situation to change, by flipping self-sabotage into deep self-love.

Transform regret, guilt, self-criticism into self-compassion, confidence, & clarity by investing in your innocence to return the gift of freedom to yourself.

Quickly access dependable peace, safety, and warm connection by harnessing whatever hurts in your life to release blame & shame. ur g

Finally stop placating, pleasing & needing approval. Trust your own highest happiest vision & create fearless win-win solutions for yourself, your family, and this planet.

Do more, have more, make more, & give more as you move into aligned action. Manifest incredible flow, prosperity, and effortless contribution.

Enjoy feeling good! Learn how to hold yourself while supporing others in a clean safe way so you can pay forward the freedom from anxiety, anger, and alienation you've been given.

Move through 4 Stages of Self-Metamorphosis (while staying connected to amazing folks at all levels!)

We know everyone is starting this self-evolution journey from different places. Whether you’re already masterful at using these tools and Living in Symmetry or have just gotten started, there’s a cocoon that will give you what you need and move your life in the direction you want.

Each of the 3 Stages is customized for turning your greatest challenges into your greatest breakthroughs and your inner critic into the champion of your happiness! You will also get access to RICH user-friendly lessons and videos, as well as surprise-and-delight gifts and bonuses of Shawn's books and Happiness Hacks and LIVE presentations.

Warm Fuzzy Wake-Up & Self-Connection Cocoon Stages

The Self-Connection Cocoon

Move from Self-Sabotage to Sweet Self-Solidarity.

Dismantle Your most Disempowering Mindsets & the Survival Scripts that create suffering via this New Way of Living! Begin to move into action to turn your greatest challenges into your greatest breakthroughs & your Inner Critic into the Champion of your Happiness.

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Aligned Life Lift-Off Stage

The Aligned Action Adventure

Proactively manifest your JUST RIGHT LIFE by getting out of your own way & moving in fearless faith. Turn Your Realizations into Realities, Releasing your stubborn "Holdout" places. Harness the Healing Symmetry in your stubborn "HOLDOUT" places as you move into action and compasionately release the patterns & fearful fallacies holding you back.

Pollinating Peace Stage

The Legacy of
Self-Love Coach Training & ELFs

Deepen Your Mastery & Learn the skills & gifts of sharing this inner peace paradigm and the life-altering strategies of Living in Symmetry with others. Become an ELF (Embracing Life Fully) Mentor or UN*Conditional Connection Coach and pay forward the thought freedom you've attained.

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Just click on each block above and visit the full web pages for each of the stages currently offered to better understand the content of each stage and theory behind this mastermind and mentoring experience, the results you can expect, and the valuable features


In general, each stage includes:

  • 2 Heart-Seat/Q&A and Teaching/Coaching Calls per Month in 5 modules with summer and winter holiday break (one meeting each month with your own stage and one with the whole group)!
  • Two Amazing Topic-specific, hands-on Deep Dive VIP Days (each follow-up text coaching with Shawn)
  • One private onboarding session with Shawn, quarterly check-ins, and Reflection/Direction Call
  • As-Needed Start-Up, Support, & Turn-Around Sessions with Team/Coaches
  • Incredible (and Fun) Partner Pairing Pods, Practice Labs for deep skill, connection, and self-evolution
  • Exponential Shifts via Shawn's Cutting edge Self-Evolution Solutions via simple, gamified Course Portal, Workbook. Replays, Office Hours
  • Big Bonuses - Significant Discounts for Shawn's private/couples coaching, retreats, and LIVE event, digital courses, and other programs and services!

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  • Bonus Group Calls between now and Feb!
  • Get Full-Pay Bonus Session with Shawn

$5997/Paid Annually (save 2 months of payments!)

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Pay Monthly

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  • Lets You Keep Re-Commiting to Yourself
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I am committed to the priceless results of this program and the transformation I see in people.

About this Program

This deep substantive year-long training and group coaching program combines thousands of hours of practical research, years of experience in the art and simple science of unconditional thriving--taking life as it comes (in fact, experiencing ALL of life as love).

The group coaching power of a course with such a theoretically and spiritually-sound system and such an amazing level of warmth, fun, intimacy, and self-accountability.... well, its life-changing value is priceless

If you've looked at other group coaching programs and courses, and have struggled to commit to the time or money, this transformative year-long experience is entering its sixth year, its value attested to by the fact that the group is already populated months in advance with many happy "RETURN MASTERMINDERS," as well as new members!  

About Shawn

As someone who was an influencer in my field, I appeared confident and successful. After all, I was speaking on world stages with an internationally-acclaimed book, but internally, I was drowning in anxiety—disempowering myself where it mattered most—agreeing to treatment I didn’t want and making major compromises in my marriage and work.

Then my life crashed.

In the space of 9 months, I lost my health, my career, and my marriage. But most of all, I had lost myself, draining my energy and diverting my gifts to please and placate the blamers and shamers in my life.

Since then, I spent over 2 decades documenting the simple science that brought ME back to ME. I love that I can share this efficient way to “Get YOU Back” and help others to trust their vision, so they can craft a life that fits and flourishes.

“What if I can't attend every group, but still want to be part of this mastermind?”

While we have a very high level of attendance at group calls and in-person or virtual events, you don't have to be present for the live call to get all the benefits from this awesome intensive training. If you have to miss one, just catch the replay video at your convenience - you'll receive the entire presentation in the FB group, along with any digital workbooks, bonus downloads, and call-related discussion in the private Facebook group. We know your life is busy, and we designed this program to work within your schedule. 

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