could someone you know or love use a reliable path to peace?

As my clients begin to find relief, they often think of a friend, sister, co-worker, or neighbor they know would be helped by the simple common-sense NO-MATTER-WHAT principles and practical tools that have made such a clear and powerful difference in their lives.

I know that many of you would not only like to "PAY FORWARD" all you have received but to get PAID BACK to support your own deepening mastery when you do share this work.

So I am THRILLED to invite you to the PAY-IT-FORWARD Perks Progam!

If you'd like to share information about a program with one person—or a whole list of folks—just become a Pay-It-Forward Perks Partner

When you sign up, we will send you a personalized promo code to share with others, so they can benefit and so can YOU!

Support Yourself as You Support Others!

Discounts for your friends, perks for your own self-evolution journey, or pass your rewards on to others in need of this work!



When new folks you reach out to come "in the door" (i.e., have not been clients of mine before) using YOUR promo code, they'll get a full 25% OFF, whether they choose VIP or Reg program!



When others use your code to sign up, we credit YOU for your current or future programs with me. For example, for TTT LIVE, we credit you a full $50 for REG registrations and $100 for VIP! (% varies by program.)



OR... Want to be a make an even bigger ripple effect by helping someone who needs this work? Let us know and we will transfer your PPP rewards as a donation in your name toward the Self-Solidarity Scholarship fund.

my long-awaited dream

I am OVER-THE-TOP comitted to helping people help themselves to happiness. My team knows I totally GEEK OUT on ways to better reach those who need this GROUNBREAKING paradigm that changed my life and the lives of so many almost instantly.

 The first time I heard Byron Katie doing her inquiry on a cassette, I knew I would be sharing internationally the paradigm shift I got from these simple questions. Then when I discovered the steps of my Wheel of Self-Love, I became even more committed to my mission to end self-hatred and mind-made suffering, with simple systems and shortcut to taking life as it comes--and soom a 300-page book that throws down the gauntlet on the life-robbing practices of blame, shame, regret, and self-hatred, and the wreckage of illness, abuse, divorce, and suicide they create.

My long awaited dream was to create a meaninful way for you to be part of growing this dependable peace movement. I have been laying the foundation since 2001, and am thrilled to offer a way for YOU to bring people to our community and to the predictable relief of this work—by REAL-izing these major shifts in your own life and letting people know HOW their lives can shift too.