How would you feel without all your most painful thoughts?

Learn how to efficiently detox from the toxic patterns that drive your self-sabotage for just five dollars a day!

Transform Your Thoughts and Quiet Your Mind

Learn the 5 types of "toxic" thoughts that predictably cause you pain and follow their stepping stones back to peace with yourself, life, and others!

Start the year by freeing the painful thoughts that
hold you back from the life you want.

Learn a Simple Way to Free Your Mind!

Do you ever have thoughts that bother you, make you feel upset, or make you feel triggered?

Have you ever noticed a situation that was made worse by what you were thinking about it?

Some might tell you to choose your thoughts—as if it's a buffet and you have all the options you could want!

Maybe you've tried to make yourself think positively, feel gratitude, or even go on a "mental diet"—affirming over your "negative" feelings.

When a toxic thought has you by the throat, it's not so easy to push it away.

It's not your fault.

You didn't consciously choose the beliefs that sabotage you. An innocent part of you thought it was helping. Many of us learned to use these painful patterns of blame, shame, self-criticism, & self-sabotage as children. You simply weren't taught HOW to see these survival-driven thoughts as a gold mine of healing!

How would it feel to have a completely reliable path to peace whecn your brain has thoughts of worry, blame, anger, shame, regret, or any other painful feelings that keep you stuck in patterns of self-sabotage?

That would feel amazing! I'm ready!

What to expect:

5-Day Thought Detox is a virtual coaching challenge where you'll work through the thought patterns that keep you stuck.

- LIVE group coaching calls each day at 1 pm EST

- All calls are recorded to watch at anytime

- Worksheets and guides for in-depth practice

"After all these years of spiritual seeking, I can finally say that I know HOW to be happy, thanks to my work with Shawn."

— Cindy Shuart

5 days to break free from your patterns of self-sabotage

  • Learn why any given thought is not actually "toxic"! They're just trying to save you!
  • Identify your Self-Sabotage Style and learn how to overcome the cycles that hold you back.
  • Find the underlying motives that keep your most destructive patterns alive

This is NOT about affirming over your thoughts or shaming them into submission but transforming your thinking with reliable tools you can use for any situation!

Meet Shawn.

Shawn Mahshie is an internationally published author, retreat leader, spiritual mentor, and Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, who has been called “a Master Coach of Master Coaches.”  With a mission to end self-hatred, her warm, supportive, and deeply insightful retreats, courses, and multi-level mastermind groups turn regret, resentment, and self-sabotage into radical self-compassion, clarity, & unconditional thriving. A pioneer work in the field of Self-Solidarity, Shawn is the creator of The Wheel of Self-Love and other practical tools for compassionate self-evolution that yield a fearless win-win way of life fueled by self-love and service.

Ready to start your year (and the rest of your life) with a totally new mindset?