Isn't it time to get YOU back?

Turn your self-sabotage into radical self-love, confidence, and prosperity

Learn the Self-Solidarity System that turns your biggest challenges into your biggest breakthroughs!


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February 18, 19 & 20, 2022

10:00am - 5:30 PM ET


11:00 AM - 4:30 PM ET

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Meet Shawn.

As someone who was an influencer in my field, I appeared confident and successful. After all, I was speaking on world stages with an internationally-acclaimed book, but internally, I was drowning in anxiety—disempowering myself where it mattered most—agreeing to treatment I didn’t want and making major compromises in my marriage and work.

Then my life crashed.

In the space of 9 months, I lost my health, my career, and my marriage. But most of all, I had lost myself, draining my energy and diverting my gifts to please and placate the blamers and shamers in my life.

Since then, I spent over 2 decades documenting the simple science that brought ME back to ME. I love that I can share this efficient way to “Get YOU Back” and help others to trust their vision and craft a life that fits and flourishes.

I'm ready for my shift

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This 3-Day Virtual Conference will show you how to:

Shift #1

Harness the Symmetry Principle to use whatever upsets you to shift into peace.

Shift #2

Find relief when you reverse regret and resentment in your most reactive relationships

Shift #3

Use the Wheel of Self-Love to go from shame & self-criticism to confidence & self-love

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This is for you if...


You're Ok but craving a course correction

Maybe you've spent years doing the work of healing and when you look around, you see the many ways your patterns have improved, but there are still ways you feel anxious, alone, abandoned, or alienated and you don't have a foolproof way to rewire your reactions to life's stressful moments.


You're stuck, stressed, or stymied

You're seriously unhappy with one or more aspects of your life or feel like you are at the mercy of your mood swings and emotional reactions. Maybe you've begun to recognize the ways you are your own worst enemy but feel powerless to shift your emotions in a lasting way.


Your inner critic seems to carry a megaphone

Maybe you've done decades of inner work or are even a practitioner for others, but you're still struggling to lower the volume on that voice that rages inside your mind with fear, resentment, doubt, uncertainty, regret, defensiveness, or anxiety.

Regardless of where you are in your journey, you're ready to Get YOU Back

This event provides a safe place for all levels of learning and growth, as well as reliable, sustainable, relief through this life-changing inner peace advocacy work. It’s built around Shawn’s Self-Solidarity System, which dismantles the disempowering programming that puts anxiety, blame, shame, self-criticism, regret/guilt, and codependent entanglements in the forefront of mind’s misguided survival strategies- destroying self-confidence, relationships, health, and happiness.

Why Should You Trust Me?

I am the leading expert in the field of Self-Solidarity, pioneering a movement that empowers people to turn self-sabotage into radical self-confidence, power, and prosperity.

An internationally published author and creator of the “The Wheel of Self-Love” and other Happiness Hacks—simple systems for loving life as it comes, I have helped thousands arrive at a place of self-forgivenss and fearless faith in life as their kind teacher.

As one of a handful of people in the world who were Certified as a Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie (a powerful form of Inquiry-Based Stress Relief), I teach The Work in my retreats and online groups as an element in my own model for unconditional thriving: The No MATTER WHAT Way.

Having spent 30 years researching and living the science of unconditional connection to self, others, and life, I have been called Master Coach of Master Coaches. Most of all, my story is YOUR story.

"I have tried nearly every spiritual practice...
It wasn’t until I met Shawn and started working with her that I finally started to experience real change in my life."

- Michele

"I felt supported and loved in Shawn's events and groups like no other place in my life. I got so much out of it!"

- Corrie

"[Shawn's online event] has been totally nourishing and illuminating."

- Laura

Plan your perfect VIRTUAL self-evolution event

This one-of-a-kind event brings the transformation and breakthroughs of our intimate retreats with the excitement and energy of a full conference—right in the convenience of your own home. Join us as we let go of limiting beliefs to leave those old patterns of reactivity and self-sabotage behind and shatter the painful illusions created by our thoughts.

Find out for yourself that you have the reliable "HOW" within you to embrace your unfolding self in no-matter-what peace, freedom, curiosity, openness, joy, and unconditional connection.

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