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No Matter What

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You know deep inside that you can't keep making choices that take you further and further from YOU, and from a life that fits you and feeds you

Even after years of inner work, I still didn't know how to get ME back. Finally my life crashed... I lost my health, my big career, and my marriage in the space of 9 months.

I help women prevent (or recover from) that kind of crash, or being so fearful to go for what you really want that you've settled for a 'dead' marriage, career, or life.

When I needed it most, I simply didn't have a simple, dependable, fun, restorative, self-sustaining path back to me.

I do now, and I love sharing it."

Shawn Mahshie

In this hands-on, self-paced course.... (where you can also be part of a group with others if you come during our challenge or other enrollment periods)....

bottom line...

You're about to discover how to turn around the painful parts of your relationships and start moving into a life you truly love. It is completely possible to harness whatever upsets you as a direct path to peace and connection—whether or not others change.

Learn the simple tools that empower YOU to shift from stress to peace.

Shawn's proprietary NO-MATTER-WHAT Way & other processes covered in the course:

  • The Beyond Mindfulness Map: A simple meditation where you are able to do more than just witness the thoughts and bodily sensations, bu find true self compassion so you can heal what's driving your upsets.

  • The Work of Byron Katie with Shawn‘s own added emphasis on Self-Solidarity and techniques for more freedom: A sure-fire way to access your inner child's true feelings to heal trauma and integrate the parts of you that you lost along the way into a whole new way of being with yourself, others, and life

  • Turn arounds: A reliable path to turn around your fears, frustrations, and defensiveness that only depends on you being set free by your own honesty, so you can turn your greatest challenges into your greatest breakthroughs
  • The Wheel of Self-Love: 3 simple common-sense steps we were never taught that let you stop beating yourself up for good! Learn how Shawn turned her life-long hell of regret, guilt, self-doubt, and indecision into radical self-love, confidence, and clarity, so you can turn your inner critic into the hero you’ve been seeking.
  • And SO much more, played out in revealing video lessons and hands-on exercises that let you turn YOUR stressful situations into a clear roadmap to a life you love.

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See what Shawn's students have to say:

*Some names have been changed to preserve privacy.

Marriage is getting Better & Better

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"WOW. I'm getting to know the guy I married again! I really feel "hit over the head" by this realization—that I've been doing to myself what I thought he and others have been doing to me. As I'm finally giving myself what I need, our marriage just keeps getting better."

BARBARA, Therapist

I Don't Need Others to Change Anymore

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The course helped me ease pain in my body, be able to attach with my adoptive son (FINALLY!), and I could feel Shawn's love coming through the videos. I was even able to stop needing my husband to change. I feel powerful to improve my own happiness! I'm thrilled!"

LINDA, Adoptive Mom

Investing in My Happiness

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The “stuck” aspects of my inner life (my family life, my work, my physical pain) have all improved SO MUCH with my investment in my own happiness, through Shawn’s helpful practical structures, phenomenal coaching, and warm, accessible support."

AMY, Business Analyst

"No matter your level of pain or evolution, I want you to know:
Feeling better is easier
than you thought."


Find out for yourself that you have the reliable "HOW" within you to embrace your unfolding self in no-matter-what peace, freedom, curiosity, openness, joy, and unconditional connection.

CLICK HERE TO LEARN how to turn around and come home to you XOX

This video was the intro for last year's GYB Bootcamp... It gives you a little more info....When you move into Self-Solidarity (standing with, by, and for the YOU that you criticized, compromised, or lost along the way),

you begin to rewrite the script from self-sabotage into deep unshakable self-love, so you can

meet shawn

Shawn Mahshie is an internationally published author, retreat leader, spiritual mentor, and Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, who has been called “a Master Coach of Master Coaches.”  With a mission to end self-hatred, her warm, supportive, and deeply insightful retreats, courses, and multi-level mastermind groups turn regret, resentment, and self-sabotage into radical self-compassion, clarity, & unconditional thriving. A pioneer in the field of Self-Solidarity, Shawn is the creator of The Wheel of Self-Love and other practical tools for compassionate self-evolution that yield a fearless win-win way of life fueled by self-love and service.

a direct path to peace

Feeling this course may be right for you, but not sure?

Want a little more time "getting to know" Shawn first? Learn more about the results you can expect... and the R.I.S.E. Method you'll use to get there.

Enjoy this 3-part Get YOU Back Mini-Masterclass + 15 min of Q & A:

This Path to
Getting You Back

This 6-Week Course includes four video/interactive portal content modules and two sessions of LIVE group laser coaching/Q&A with Shawn, plus optional Partner Practice Lab for deepening connection & mastery of the powerful tools

The Mindset Reset

RE-WRITE the Script from Self-Sabotage to Self-Love

MODULE 2: Become your own Hero

INVEST in Your Innocence to Return the Gift of Freedom to Yourself


SEE the healing Symmetry in the fears that create conflict, regret, resentment, self-doubt, and insecurity

The Self-Solidarity Solution

ENJOY getting yourself back, moving into self-solidarity, and creating win-win solutions

And, to support and connect you along the way, and deliver the life-changing system, you'll also get:



Three LIVE Group Q&A/Laser Coaching Calls with pre-submitted questions to Shawn during the course + one Partner Practice Lab during or after the course is over!



24-7 space to post assignments, see yourself reflected in other's challenges, get support camaraderie, & priceless responses from Shawn



Learn Shawn's proprietary system and simple practical models from the master herself, and practice with others



If you've done the work (a minimum basic set of exercises) and don't get significant shifts in perspective in 30 days, Shawn will provide extra support or a refund.

Plus, these Amazing Bonuses!

While we give you everything you need in the course to begin your journey back to you, these extra areas of community, support, content, & enhanced opportunity are worth more than the price of the course itself!


2 Tickets to Shawn's Thrive-This-Time LIVE Virtual Conference (TBA)

Perfect virtual self-evolution time

This one-of-a-kind event brings the transformation and breakthroughs of our intimate retreats with the excitement and energy of a full conference—right in the convenience of your own home. Join us as we let go of limiting beliefs to leave those old patterns of reactivity and self-sabotage behind and shatter the painful illusions created by our thoughts.


Spark of Self-Love Book & Shawn's Personalized Responses

Finally know what to do with "regret hell," guilt, self-criticism, and the indecision they spawn. This book is LIFE-CHANGING in helping you Get YOU Back by understanging 3 simple steps to Self-Solidairty. You will learn how to:

1. Find Your Innocence and Self-Forgiveness. Transform regret, into unshakable self-support & advocacy. · 

2. Overcome the Fears that make you turn on yourself. Stand with, by, & for your dear self, no matter what. · 

3. Stop Waiting for Others to Validate You. Trust your decisions. Honor your own vision. Be your own hero and create a life that fits and supports you.nd take

What makes this BONUS especially unique is that it gives you extra access to my direct coaching and support via a study group with others. You'll get personalized responses about your understanding of the book and how to apply the tools in your own life.



ONE FULL Deep Dive Day!

The Deep Dive Day one-time pass lets you join our year-long signature mastermind members for a deep, intimate exploration of one aspect of this work. Includes follow-up, tips, innovative posts, and support with applying The Work, The Symmetry Principle, and The Wheel of Self-Love in their lives.

See what Shawn's students have to say:

*Some names have been changed to preserve privacy.

Life is Getting Better and Better

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I am so grateful that I have become teachable at last…. No path is set in stone, the important thing is that the paths exist, and I was able to pull myself out of that deep hole. This work, these women, and Shawn have wrought miracles. Love to all."


Healing is fun and possible with Shawn

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Shawn is wonderful and her knowledge of areas like spirituality codependency, and Transactional Analysis, provides a safe space as she shares her wisdom with us. Her spirit of play and joyous self-acceptance made it as much fun as it was helpful. My mind, body, and spirit are healed in a way I didn't think was possible."


I was Lost in my Marriage

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"I was always afraid there was something wrong with me in my marriage and had really lost a sense of myself. I have learned to turn fear into a challenge into a good thing! This has changed everything for my whole family since I gave my grown children the gift of working with Shawn as well!"


Let's Add Up All the Pieces:

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